UV Portable Sterilize Shell

Product model: U01

  • Size:48.5mm×48.5mm×24mm:

Safety Warning

1.Don’t looking the UVC LED straightly  when the U01 is working.

2.Don’t let the U01 touch the water ,please remove the water in the toothbrush before using it.

3.Don’t use the charger out of the 5V .

4.If the U01 is fully charged , please remove the charge cable .

5.If the U01 isn’t charged , please change the charger or charge cable .

6.Please stop charging if any unusual high temperature or transformation while charging .

7.Don’t place the U01 on the combustible while charging.

8.Don’t put the U01 in the fire to avoid explosion.

9.Don’t heat the U01 or close to the heating object.

10.Don’t knock or drop it to avoid the damage.

11.Don’t disassemble or repair the U01 by yourself.

12.Please use the U01 in the room temperature 0℃~40℃.

13.The U01 include the sharp parts, be careful when you use it.

14.Please keep the U01 out of reach of children .

15.Don’t swallow small parts and damaged parts.


1 When the power is sufficient, put the toothbrush head (or other item) into the disinfection cabin, close the upper cover, the sterilize LED will be on, UVC will start to disinfect, and the status LED will keep on.

2 When the power is insufficient, close the upper cover, and the status indicator starts to flash, indicating that the power is insufficient.

3 During disinfection/sterilization, plug in the charging line for charging, the disinfection will be interrupted, and the disinfection indicator is off, it will turn to the charging mode, and the status LED will turn to the breathing lamp mode.

4 During sterilization, open the upper cover, will interrupt sterilization, forced shutdown, to protect eye. 

5 During sterilization, long press the power key for 3 seconds, will interrupt sterilization, forced shutdown.

6 During power off, Open the upper cover first, and then close the upper cover. It will start automatically, enter the working mode to start disinfection.

7 During power off, press and hold the power key for 3 seconds, it will be forced to turn on and enter the working mode to start disinfection.

8 During power off, plug in the charging cable for charging, it will turn into the charging mode, and the status indicator will turn into the breathing lamp mode.

9 When the power is fully charged, the status LED will change from breathing lamp mode to be lighting long.

10 The size of the sterilized object is less than the following: 30x20x13mm.

Model :U01

Rate Power :0.1w

Charge Input :5V  300mA

Product Size : 48.5x48.5x24mm

Product Weight:31g